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State of Splunk Careers 2022: Positive Career Impact of Obtaining Splunk Skills

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The 2022 State of Splunk Careers Report shows that there is no doubt that you will experience significant benefits in your career through mastery of Splunk.

We had 609 respondents this year - the highest number since the first 2020 report and up from 383 participants in 2021. We want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to participate! The core narrative here is that skilling up with Splunk offers significant benefits and leverage to get ahead in your career.

Skilling up with Splunk is correlated to increased feelings of satisfaction, security, and value to the organization, regardless of what your position is.

MasteringSplunkQuote.pngBetween two-thirds and three-quarters of users explicitly credit learning Splunk with increasing their job security, boosting their influence among their teams, changing their professional focus to a more interesting area, and compounding their earning power. The most proficient users saw more benefits and had more influence over the org, or got a promotion or more interesting projects to work on. 60-75% say that increased job security/portable skills and increased credibility among colleagues made them feel they had fulfilled a professional goal they wanted to achieve, or changed focus area. Increased money, recognition, promotion, and hiring were all tied to respondents who are very proficient vs. adequately skilled. 

The more you learn, the more you earn - now and in the future.


Splunk users of a high proficiency experience more job satisfaction, a feeling of appropriate value within the workplace, and the confidence that they could find a comparable level of employment in a new career opportunity if they choose to do so. 86% of all respondents felt their competencies in Splunk are helping them earn a salary that keeps pace with the cost of living in a material way and also keeps up with inflation. Splunk users with a higher proficiency reported a 50% larger pay increase, are 26% more likely to have received a merit increase within the last year, and receive more recognition and ability/opportunity to work on special projects. When asked to assess skill level and proficiency with Splunk, the most proficient were found to enjoy earnings 48% higher than those of adequate or lower skill level. They are: 37% more likely to report an uptick in influence, 37% more likely to have earned a promotion, 31% more likely to have changed their focus area to something more interesting, and 28% more likely to credit their hiring to their Splunk capabilities. As proficiency increases, the likelihood of more pay increases.

Mastering Splunk significantly increases value to the org, which inherently increases your own value and feelings of job satisfaction.

DabbleSplunkQuote.pngBeyond the monetary value of upskilling with Splunk, there's another type of ROI practitioners receive. From the perspective of career impact, the top response of Influence/credibility among colleagues is particularly attractive. This recognizes an employee’s commitment to expanding their knowledge base and competencies (which fundamentally is embraced by any organization striving for success). A higher level of proficiency garners more influence in the workplace, including a stronger, more positive perception amongst peers. In the current competitive landscape, it's more important than ever to have a transferable skill like Splunk to keep a strong foothold in your career, whether in your internal role or as an external candidate in the future.  In fact, while 72% of all Splunk users were either confident or very confident in their ability to find a comparable job, if necessary, highly proficient Splunk users are 4.2x more likely to be very confident. 

From these summaries alone, it is clear that Investing in Splunk skills is an investment in yourself. It is undeniable that maximizing Splunk helps to place IT security, operations, and developers on a path toward success for both companies and employees, alike. Read the full 2022 State of Splunk Careers Report to unlock the full range of data that supports this fact!

Again, we want to send a huge "thank you" to everyone who took part in this year's survey. We can't get rich data like this without your help. Trust us - the time it takes to contribute and share is highly valuable to your peers within the Splunk community.

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

P.S. Check out the attachments for more insights! You'll discover the Full Splunk Careers Report, Infographic + Executive Summary.

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