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How to combine two tstat search to create one table?

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I have created a datamodel which I have accelerated, containing two sourcetype. The goal is to add a field from one sourcetype into the primary results. The challenge I have been having is returning all the data from the Vulnerability sourcetype, which contains over 400K events. I have attempted several different searchs, none of which are the results i'm expecting. Basically I want to join the two tstats below without using join do to its limitations. The vulnerabilies should include the hostname and operating system. 

Any help would be apprectiated



|tstats summariesonly=f
     ``` latest(tenable.plugin_name) as "Vulnerability", ```
      values(tenable.first_found) as "First Found", 
      values(tenable.last_found) as "Last Found",
      values(tenable.risk_factor) as "Risk Factor", 
      values(tenable.in_the_news) as "In The News?", 
      values(tenable.vpr_score) as "VPR", 
      values(tenable.solution) as "Solution",
      values(tenable.see_also) as "See Also", 
      values(tenable.state) as "State"
      values(tenable.exploitability_ease) as "Exploitable Ease",
      values(tenable.exploit_available) as "Exploit Available"
      values(tenable.ip) as IP
     ``` latest(tenable.asset_hostname) as hostname```
             FROM datamodel="VulnMgt.tenable",
             WHERE sourcetype="tenable:io:vuln"
             by tenable.asset_uuid tenable.asset_hostname tenable.plugin_name 

|tstats summariesonly=t prestats=t append=t

            values(devices.operating_systems) as OS
            FROM datamodel="VulnMgt.tenable",
            WHERE sourcetype="tenable:io:assets"
            by tenable.asset_uuid tenable.hostnames

            | stats latest(*) as * count as total by tenable.asset_uuid




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Instead of using the append option of tstats, try append with tstats in the subsearch.

| tstats summariesonly=t <<search1>>
| append [ tstats summariesonly=t <<search2>> ]
| stats latest(*) as * count as total by tenable.asset_uuid


If this reply helps you, Karma would be appreciated.

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Thank you @richgalloway  That was one of the search I attempted and Splunk shows it as having a 50k limit.

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