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how to connect with db


how to connect ms-sql db with splunk.?
can anyone help me in detail.
i tried but not get success. what is the host name i should give while configuring?
please help me in step by step process.


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I imagine you are using the dbConnect app. There is a step by step in the documentation here.

A couple of notes regarding SQL Server. First, in the hostname field, you want to use an FQDN, a short name, or an IP Address. Don't use /.

In the database field, if you are using a named instance, the database field should be <instance>/<database>, otherwise, you'll want to verify the port that the instance is running on. I can't link to an external site, but if you google for "How to configure SQL Server to listen on a specific port", you'll get a link to knowledge base entry 823938‎ at microsoft, which has instructions for verifying the port that a given instance is running on.

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