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The date has special characters in my logs which is which the timestamp parsing is incorrect. could someone help me identify the conf changes needed to capture the timestamp?

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The log file of UTF-16LE is fetched in batch mode, but LRM (Left-to-Right Mark) is included in the date part in the log file and the date part can not be extracted correctly,
so in _time, different dates are coming in.
Raw data:

[1]0638.08C4::?2019?-?03?-?21 15:44:03.831 [Microsoft-Windows-DNSServer]QUERY_RECEIVED: TCP=0????????? IP= ???=0x950101000002345000000000116169636869737465656C73746F7261676504626C6F6204636F72650777696E646F7773036E65740000010001

Please notice the "?" between the dates format. How to I parse it correctly to capture the actual date in splunk?

Please help

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In props.conf, you need to configure timestamp extraction. https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.2.6/Data/Configuretimestamprecognition

TIME_FORMAT = %Y?-?%m?-?%d %H:%M:%S.%3N

You may also need to configure other index time settings like linebreaker etc.

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