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Splunk Integration with Umbrella: Problem to show the data

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Hello Splunk Forum TEAM,


I have a question refered to the integration because right now I receive the information whitout problems but when I try to check in in a search I can´t find any log.


Here is where we use the scripts for pull data and delete after 30 days.


-5. In $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/TA-cisco_umbrella/local/inputs.conf create the following stanzas. Make sure you change the path and index in the monitor stanza if necessary!

disabled = 0
interval = 300
index = _internal
sourcetype = cisco:umbrella:input
start_by_shell = false

disabled = 0
interval = 600
index = _internal
sourcetype = cisco:umbrella:cleanup
start_by_shell = false

disabled = 0
index = opendns
sourcetype = opendns:dnslogs

-6. Verify data is coming in and you are seeing the proper field extractions by searching the data.
----Example Search: index=awsindexyouchose sourcetype=opendns:dnslogs
----Note: You can look for script output by searching: index=_internal sourcetype=cisco:umbrella*


But when I try to do the next search: index=_internal sourcetype=cisco:umbrella* I dont retrive data.


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Do you have access to the _internal index?

Can you run the scripts manually to verify they work as expected?

Have you checked splunkd.log for errors?

If this reply helps you, Karma would be appreciated.
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