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Need help with regex to extract "error" from "url :/test.com/error.html"

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How to capture only word that has white the start and end : -

2) url :/test.com/error.html
3) this is my error 2
4) this is my error3

1 only

Search base | regex "\bERROR\b" didnt work

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If you want white space on either end, then you need anchors. Try (?i)^\s+error\s+$.

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Hi @jw44250

I'm a little confused on what your expected output is.

If it's only line 1 then | regex "\bERROR\b" should work for. Can you post the output you're getting?

If you're looking for any error "that has white the start and end" (lines 1 and 2) then you'll need something like | regex "(?i)\bERROR\b" where (?i) makes the regex case-insensitive.

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@jw44250, please explain your query again as it is confusing. From the subject of question seems like you need to extract word error from partial URL, however, in your Output you have listed that only 1st option should be selected.

Also what do you mean by only word that has white the start and end?

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