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How to plot a graph with field having duplicate values

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Hi, I have a scenario where I receive multiple requests which contain same field value basically OrderNumber. So the backend is receiving duplicate orders from the front end.

It only happens every now and then and I'd like to plot a graph which can show me when exactly it happens. I think just the count of duplicates vs _time would be enough.

I've tried using a query but it's giving me a distorted graph. Is there a better way to achieve this?

Query I have - 

index=myapp OrderService "HttpMethod=POST" 
| rex field=_raw "orderNumber\"\:\s\"(?<orderNumber>[^\"]+)" 
| bin span=15m _time 
| stats count by _time orderNumber 
| where count > 1
| table _time count

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions to do this in a better way.

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What do you mean by "a distorted graph"?  Try removing the the table command as it is dropping a field that may be needed for the graph..

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