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How to extract a value into a field from a string?

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I have this string :
Leaving className=com.vsp.il.drools.business.spring.SpringRulesBusinessImpl. processRequest(com.vsp.claim.validatedclaim.service.limitation.model.ServiceLimitationValidationRequest@5462cb51):runningtime=4ms.

I want to chart the time consumption per ruleset where ruleset is ServiceLimitationValidation

I am new to splunk and I am thinking I need to use regex and a timechart to get there. But I am not able to get the correct syntax.

Appreciate any help !

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This should get you started. It puts 'ServiceLimitationValidationRequest' into field 'ruleset' and '4' into field 'runningtime'.

your base search | rex "processRequest\(.*?(?<ruleset>\w*)@.*\):runningtime=(?<runningtime>\d+)" | ...
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