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How to chronologically sort headers in a table?


I have the following table

ApplicationGroup          0-10        10-20      101-150     151-200     20-30       201-300      30-35     310-340

ABB                       1           3          5           3           6           2            8         2
avv                       6           8          8           8           5           9            3         7
FFD                       3           6          6           3           90          11           55        55

The number range that is shown is the Band and the numbers are basically the hours. I have created this using xyseries. As you can see the number ranges are not in order. Even if i apply sort, they are not coming in chronological order. Can we sort the number range header? If yes, how??

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Option 1
You will have to prefix your ApplicationGroup values with "1. 0-10", "2. 10-20", "3. 20-30" etc.

your search | replace "0-10" with "1.0-10" in ApplicationGroup | replace "20-30" with "2. 20-30" in ApplicationGroup | ...

Option 2
If this works you can actually define your own lookup and map "0-10" to "1. 0-10". For example, if you create a lookup date_hour_chrono like the following example, you can use the query give below:

Date_Hour, Date_Hour_Chrono
"0-10","1. 0-10"
"10-20","2. 10-20"
"20-30","3. 20-30"

your search | lookup date_hour_chrono Date_Hour as Application_Group OUTPUT Date_Hour_Chrono | your remaining search

Option 3
One more option that you might have provided your query uses actual date_hour field extracted by Splunk from your event timestamp then you can feed the same to Splunk Punchcard visualization which plots Heat map across time series in both x and y axis and arranges according to time field selected like date_hour, date_wday etc.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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