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I am getting familiar with splunk commands, trying to extract hostname from an extracted field called monitor_name. monitor_name field data look like this,

[Linux][FWA Electronic Channel Messaging][l91oma1][Process][SS][/fiwlspoma4/was/INSTANCE1/profiles/base/servers/server1][error]

I would like to extract l91oma1, vlrtp569,vlrtp123 from the above field using rex command. Can someone help me with the regular expression.

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Hi anoopambli

This search code work well

...................................|rex max_match=0 field=_raw "\[Linux\]\[[a-zA-Z\s+]+\]\[(?<monitor_name>[^\]]+)\]"|mvexpand monitor_name|table monitor_name

Look at my result

alt text

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use this

rex field=_raw "^(?:[^\[\n]*\[){3}(?P<fieldname>\w+)"
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@kml_uvce your escaping backslashes were lost since you forgot to use the "code" tags around your regex. The regex should actually look like below:

rex field=_raw "^(?:[^\[\n]*[){3}(?P<fieldname>w+)"
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Revered Legend

And there is backslash missing before "w+" as well. So it should be

rex field=_raw "^(?:[^\[\n]*[){3}(?P<fieldname>\w+)"
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Thanks everyone, that helped me.

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