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Alerting on unique field occurrence

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I'm trying to implement a search which raises alerts based on events with unique, but as of yet unknown keys within a given timeframe.  For example, if my indexer records the following six events:

11:59:10.000 Error TestClass with ID 902228 has failed with reason... 
11:59:00.000 Error TestClass with ID 8767 has failed with reason...
11:34:32.000 Error TestClass with ID 653 has failed with reason...
11:31:10.000 Error TestClass with ID 902228 has failed with reason...
11:29:00.000 Error TestClass with ID 3652 has failed with reason...
11:25:20.000 Error TestClass with ID 902228 has failed with reason...

I'd like to raise an alert email in real-time for each event which has a unique ID but throttle, over say a 15 minute time period.  So essentially the above event list will generate 5 alert emails i.e. 902228 generates an email at 11:25:20.000 and the following event with the same ID gets skipped and every other event generates an email (so we get 5 emails).

I've thought about/tried using a lookup but am finding it hard going trying to get the syntax right.

Is this the best way?  I'd be grateful if anyone could offer some advice or a potential solution.

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Re: Alerting on unique field occurrence


Sounds like Splunk alert throttling?
Extract TestClass ID -field, if you haven't done that already.

... | rex field=_raw "TestClass with ID (?<TestClassID>\d*)"

And now you can set throttling on TestClassID like shown in here


(scroll down to "Set up throttling for a per-result alert")