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Splunk Power User certification Validity


Hi Team,

Is there any validity for Splunk Power User certification.

I completed the cert on 17th of March 2017.

Can I directly take Splunk Admin Certification now?

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Hi @vijaysri1992 ... ahh, one more member similar to my situation. 

i cleared Splunk Power User Jun 2017 and last year Aug2019/Sep2019, when Splunk was announciing the Pearson tie-ups and new exam rules, they clearly said that i have to redo Splunk Power User on or before Sep/Oct 2019 otherwise, i have to start from zero(Splunk User exam).

And i was in some urgent project assignments, i didnt re-do the power user exam and then, last month i did the Foundations 1 training again and cleared the Splunk Certified Core User (i felt difficult than exam than 2017 exam, actually.)

So, Since you did on March 2017, you will also need to start from zero(the Splunk Core User Exam). All the very best for your certifications!


PS - All certifications are now subject to a 3-year life cycle.

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If you are eligible for the Splunk Admin certification then it should appear in your Pearson View profile.  If it does not appear then send email to certification@splunk.com.

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