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I need to fill missing logs in summary index

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so I have this query

(host=pnr-proxy-prod* OR host=master** OR host=pnr-webui-prod*)
NOT (source=/var/log/safeview/haproxy.log OR source =/var/log/safeview/nginx-access.log)
(level=* OR "error: " OR "ERROR: " OR "warn: " OR "[warn]" OR "WARNING: " OR "INFO:" OR "info:" OR warning: )
| dedup 1 keepempty=false _time, ms_region,
| bucket _time span=5m
| rex field=_raw " (?<=[A+Z] - )(?[a-zA-Z]+)"

| eval level=if(isnull(level) ,other_level, level)

| eval ms_level= if(isnull(level),"no-level",level)

| eval ms_region=rtrim(ms_zone, "abcdefgh")

| eval event=if(isnull(event) ,"no-event", event)

| rex field=host "^(master-|safemail-)?(.*-prod-)?(?[0-9-]+[0-9])"

| stats count(event) as count by _time ,event, ms_region, source, ms_version, ms_level
| sort 0 _time

| collect to some index

the volume for this index by the hour is ~ millions, I missing some data when I compare the results with a more specific search

so my question is how would I fill up the index with the missing data manually using the collect command , i don't have access to the CLI

would inserting this to the query help :

| dedup 1 keepempty=false _time ,event, ms_region, source, ms_version, ms_level

sorry for the noob question I am new to splunk

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High level answer would to be find which data is missing and then run your collect command to summary index it. But it would be tricky to find which data is missing considering very heavy amount of data you've. Ideally if you've a specific criteria for which you see data, you need to apply those criteria to both regular search and summary index search and get a diff.

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