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System Time in Splunk off but log times are correct


Here is my environment

Cluster Master, License Master, Deployment Server (on one Splunk instance)

Cluster of 3 indexes

 Separate Search Head

Noticed when I checked the Forwarder Manager in my deployment server  my clients had not phoned home in 8 hours.  Then I ran 

index = _internal httppubsubconnection "uri=/services/broker/phonehome"

to see if there were any errors phoning home but to my surprise everything was good. In Forwarder Management I also deleted a record and it came right back which also confirmed a successful phone home but it said 8 hours ago.  Ran other searches and the event time and log times are good. Then I noticed in my search history that the previous search I conducted was done 8 hours ago even though I just ran them.  Played with time zone in user preference but nothing. Any suggestions on why everything in Splunk is 8 hours behind when it comes to phoning home and when a search was conducted.

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Check the server/system date time on the instance where Deployment Server is deployed. Make sure it is matching with the server time of the machine where deployment clients exist.

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