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Monitoring WEC .evtx files on another drive

I am after some help to debug why Splunk is not monitoring my external .evtx files.

Currently have the following: 



disabled = 0
index = event_collector
sourcetype = WinEventLog


I have tried to debug this using Splunk list inputstatus and I can see that Splunk is reading the file but it is not getting indexed and I am getting output on my tcp stream with the indexer like this:


I have also tried: 


disabled = 0
index = event_collector
sourcetype = WinEventLog


With no luck and no output on the TCP stream with theindexer.

Any tips on debugging or solutions much appreciated.

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To monitor Windows event logs, use the form WinEventLog://<name> where <name> is the type of event you want to monitor.  Do not specify a .evtx file as <name>.  Do not try to use monitor://*.evtx as Splunk cannot read an event log directly like that.

Your best option is to install a Windows add-on (along with a Universal Forwarder) from splunkbase on the system you want to monitor and the enable the desired inputs.

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