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Is it possible to upload a CSV file via command line?

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I'm trying to automatize a task that consists in the topics:
-Clean eventdata from Splunk (Done)
-Upload CSV file to replace the data of old version of the file
-show dashboard(Done)

Is it possible to do the 2nd phase through the command line?

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csv lookups exists in each of the apps "lookups" directory. This is a dynamic directory and it is just matter of copying to this directory
Depends on the complexity of your Splunk Installation

  • In STandalone environment, just find a automated method to copy your csv file to the "lookups" directory
  • In clustered env, upload to deployer lookups directory and do push from deployer

I use "rsync" in Linux to copy the lookup files, so it updates only when there is a change to file.

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The oneshot command may be what you're looking for. Check out

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