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How do I blacklist events with a field containing a specific value?

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I have a set of JSON data and I would like to ignore (blacklist) all events where the field "id.orig_h" contains the value "".

So far, I've tried using the blacklisting procedure for Windows EventCodes as a model, but with no success. Example EventCode blacklist:

blacklist1 = EventCode = "4662" Message = "Account Name:\s+(example account)"

What I've tried:

1) Adding the blacklist underneath the monitor stanza in inputs.conf

index = yada
sourcetype = yadayada
blacklist = id.orig_h = ""

2) Adding the blacklist under a separate sourcetype stanza in inputs.conf

index = yada
sourcetype = yadayada

blacklist = id.orig_h = ""

How can I achieve this?

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The technique for blacklisting Windows event log data only works for Windows event log data. To ignore other events, use props and transforms to send selected events to the NULL queue. See and .

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