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use workflow action from drilldown


I am looking for a way to take fields in a table and trigger a workflow action like http put from the table view in a form or dashboard.

An example

I have a result table from a search over some sourcetypes where eventtype=error and i have a few usable fields in the table. Now i would like the user to click on a row and use the fields in the row to create a jira issue (or any bugtrack tool you might use). It is somewhat plausible to use custom command or something but i think it should be possible to user some kind of form interaction or something. It would be nice if i could use a workflow action and not have to specify all parameters etc in each drilldown link.


Re: use workflow action from drilldown


Not sure a workflow is going to work for you, but what you want to do is definitely possible. Check this out:


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