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Visualize event with start and stop time fields



We are trying to determine the best visualization to show scheduling data in Splunk. We have data that provides a Actual Start and Stop and Schedule Start and Stop in epoch time as fields as follows:

2019-09-12 20:52:56.000, MachNo="3", JobSeq="11823", MoldNo="9", PartNo="12202", ShiftSeq="201909130", DeptNo="8", JobID="F13264/3|MFCOV-10   ", JobDesc="F13264/3-PN1200/ 4- 6x 4-M-1400-CE                ", MachID="Cal4  ", MachDesc="Calender 4                                        ", MoldID="CalC                ", MoldDesc="CalC                                              ", NumCavs="1.0", PartID="315274                   ", PartDesc="CONV PN 1200/4 6x4                                ", DeptName="Cal4                ", DeptDesc="Wide Bowl Calender                                ", StartTime="1568321576", StopTime="1568348425", StartTimeHR="2019-09-12 20:52:56.0", StopTimeHR="2019-09-13 04:20:25.0", SchedStart="1568563920", SchedStop="1568572920", SchedQty="2396.0", MiscInfo1="AS SCHED                      ", MiscInfo2="F13264/3-COV                  ", Status="3", StatusDesc="COMP", StatusDescription="Completed job.      ", PctReg="0.0", PcsPerCtn="0.0", PartCost="0.0", MatlCost="0.0", ExpPctUp="100.0", ExpCycTm="2.933", ExpGood="100.0", HistPctUp="100.0", HistCycTm="2.933", HistGood="100.0", MinCycTm="2.0", MaxCycTm="60.702835", SumCycTm="21134.462338209152", SumSqCycTm="438594.73369550705", CycCnt="2200", CycOutSpec="2200", ExpProdQty="1312.8597412109375", CalProdQty="2200.0", PakProdQty="0.0", DefectQty="0.0", TotTime="26857", WtTotTime="26857.0", DownTime="6401", WtDownTime="6401.0", NumDownTm="12", WtNumDownTm="12.0", LaborTime="26857", WtLaborTime="26857.0", Counter2="0", Counter3="0", Counter4="0", MachCost="0.0", LaborCost="0.0", WtCycCnt="2200.0", GroupNo1="13", GroupNo2="255", GroupNo3="255", GroupNo4="255", PartGroupNo1="0", MoldGroupNo1="255", HelpMapId="1", DefectMapId="1", DownMapId="2", SetupCycCnt="0", WtSetupCycCnt="0.0", NonProductionCycCnt="0", WtNonProductionCycCnt="0.0", PartQualCycCnt="0", WtPartQualCycCnt="0.0", ProductionDecimalPlaces="1", ProductionUnits="Meters    ", StockUnits="Rolls     ", MiuMachSpeedUnit="4", TimeDivisor="60.0", IdleQty="0", IdleWtQty="0.0", PmQty="0", PmWtQty="0.0", LinearRateMultiplier="1.0", ScheduledCavs="1.0"

Currently this is visualized in Excel, manually and looks like this:
alt text

We are thinking to do line graphs which are plotted the start and stop vs the sched, but not sure how to plot these fields which have epoch time on a graph.
By the same token think there might be other, better ways to visualize this?

Hope answers can help!!

Thanks guys,

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