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How to create table in splunk dashboard in the below format?

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Need to create below table:

       APP_NAME:A                         APP_NAME:B    
APP_NAME    Status_CODE:200 Status_CODE:400 Status_CODE:200 Status_CODE:400
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There is no way in Splunk today, that I'm aware of, to create two header rows, like you can in an Excel Pivot table. The closest you can get is to concatenate the two header labels into one field and create one row.

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alt text

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It looks like maybe you were trying to produce a report that has columns for each of two app names, for each of two statuses, but it is unclear what was supposed to be in the columns.

In any case, without the details of the events that are supposed to be turned into this format, we are not going to be able to be of much help.

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Hello ...
I need out put with API_NAME as column label and APP_NAME as row label .
Under column API name there will be subcolumn with Different Status Code.Hope it clarifies you what I mean to ask.

Column [API_NAME(Subcolumn Status_Code like A/B/C .. )]
Row will be APP_NAME like X/Y/Z

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I think something went wrong with posting your question, as the layout of your table is not entirely as you intended I think 🙂

Maybe insert it as code (using that 101010 button).

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Can you share sample data?

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