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Why are the two base searches throw warnings in a dashboard?


I have two base searches in a dashboard, not sure if that is at all possible. But as soon as i use the second base search created, i get warnings with this :


Warning is : Unknown node is not allowed here. Before creating the second base search this warning was not existing.


I think i found the mistake, I should be using the timer tokens only in the base search whereas i was using in all the sub searches 🙂

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You're exactly right, @macadminrohit . Base searches only require earliest and latest in the base search itself and do not expect them to be called out in any of the searches referencing them. I will move your comment to an answer if you'd like to accept it and close out the question.

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I think the time picker should also be included in your base search. So that its something like this. What do you currently have?

"base search query"



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