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Join Now! Splunk Monthly Customer Advisory Boards!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey Splunk Community Members!

Have you heard? Well we've sure heard you! We know you're full of great ideas, and we love seeing them in Splunk Ideas. We’ve recently launched a BRAND NEW opportunity for our customers to provide feedback directly to Splunk’s Product Management and Engineering teams. 

In September, we kicked off our new Monthly Customer Advisory Boards. Our four advisory boards will be focused on Security, ITOPs & Observability, Cloud, and Splunk Enterprise On-Prem, and will meet on a monthly basis. 

Why being a Splunk Advisory Board member is impactful:

There are so many great benefits to joining an advisory board. As a member, you will have access to early product previews, new features, and have the opportunity to provide feedback that will shape the development of Splunk products. Meeting agendas will include product demos, roadmap discussions, user discovery sessions and more! And, it’s completely free to join.


What topics will be covered?

There will be 4 customer advisory boards (Splunk On-prem, Splunk Cloud, ITOPs/Observability, and Security) that meet on a monthly basis. Each month will have varying topics pertaining to the individual advisory boards.

How long is each advisory board session and when will it take place? 

Each advisory board session will be scheduled for 90 minutes and will usually take place during either the 3rd or 4th week of every month. Meetings will usually start at 8am PST. 

Are there APAC-friendly meeting times?

We endeavor to hold meetings at times convenient to most, but we do recognize that this doesn’t sufficiently cover all. Right now, we do not have meeting times that will be convenient for those in APAC time zones. However, we will make meeting recordings available to all CAB members, so you can watch them anytime after the meeting! 

What are the requirements for participating in an Advisory Board? 

  1. Be an existing Splunk customer. 
  2. Participate in 90-minute feedback calls with Splunk’s product and engineering teams and share feedback on a variety of topics relevant to each advisory board.

How do I know what will be on the agenda? 

Once you sign up and have been accepted, we will send an invite that will include the agenda for the meeting. 

I’ve signed up, when will I receive my invite? 

In order to promote effective conversation during CABs, participation will be limited. However, we are accepting customers on a rolling basis as space permits. If you have been accepted, then you will typically receive a meeting invitation by the 2nd week of the month. 

I have specific topics I’d like to discuss during these meetings, how do I get my topic as an agenda item? 

At the end of every advisory board meeting, we will survey customers to understand additional topics that they would like to discuss in future meetings.

Why join a Customer Advisory Board? 

Your participation in an advisory board provides many benefits, including: 

  • The opportunity to influence the product roadmap.
  • A chance to connect with fellow industry leaders to share insights and best practices. 
  • Early product and feature previews via product demos, roadmap discussions, user discovery sessions and more!

What are you waiting for? Our next CABs will be held the week of November 8th. Sign up today!

Questions? Sound off in the comments below or feel free to PM me!

Hope to see some of you on one of our Advisory Boards soon!

-- Banke Awofeso, Sr. Product Advisory Manager

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