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Exciting New Observability Feature for Splunk Cloud Platform Users

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

We’re excited to announce the extended availability of one of Splunk Observability Cloud’s flagship features called “Related Content” for our Splunk Cloud Platform users. 

What is it?

Related Content for Splunk Cloud is a capability that allows you to bring and view real-time metrics and trace data (from Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and APM) in Splunk Cloud Platform’s search interface. You can now add key context to your logs during an investigation, accelerating root cause analysis.

Why does it matter?

Because you’ll be able to drill into your events in more detail directly in Splunk Cloud Platform instead of switching tools, reducing the swivel chair experience of moving between different products. 

Not only that but once you’ve identified the problem, you get easily redirected into Splunk Observability Cloud with just one click so you can resolve it quickly in a purpose-built no-code interface.

What does this look like?

Here are screenshots of what the interface looks like:


In Splunk's search and reporting UI, you will now see a new column called "Related Content" for those events whose IM and APM data can be queried from Splunk Observability Cloud and previewed in Splunk Cloud.


Looks great! How do I get this?

If you’re already a Splunk Cloud 9.1.2312 and a Splunk Observability Cloud user, great news - you can enable this for free. Just have your admin take a look at this product documentation to make sure you get access

If you still need to get Splunk Observability Cloud, you can try it for free for 14 days!

Keep on Splunking!


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