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Want to Reduce Costs, Mitigate Risk, Improve Performance, or Increase Efficiencies? Splunk Outcome Paths Show You How

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk Lantern is Splunk’s customer success center that provides advice from Splunk experts on valuable data insights, key use cases, and tips on managing Splunk more efficiently.

We also host Getting Started Guides for a range of Splunk products, a library of Product Tips, and Data Descriptor articles that help you see everything that’s possible with data sources and data types in Splunk.

This month we’re highlighting a brand new set of content on Lantern. Splunk Outcome Paths show you how to achieve common goals that many Splunk customers are looking for in order to run an efficient, performant Splunk implementation. As usual, we’re also sharing the full list of articles published over the past month. Read on to find out more.


Splunk Outcome Paths


In today’s dynamic business landscape, navigating toward desired outcomes requires a strategic approach. If you’re a newer Splunk customer or looking to expand your Splunk implementation, it might not always be clear how to do this while reducing costs, mitigating risks, improving performance, or increasing efficiencies.

Splunk Outcome Paths have been designed to show you all the right ways to do all of these things. Each of these paths has been created and reviewed by Splunk experts who’ve seen the best ways to address specific business and technical challenges that can impact the smooth running of any Splunk implementation.

Whatever your business size or type, Splunk Outcome Paths offer a range of strategies tailored to suit your individual needs:

  • If you’re seeking to reduce costs, you can explore strategies such as reducing infrastructure footprint, minimizing search load, and optimizing storage.
  • Mitigating risk involves implementing robust compliance measures, establishing disaster recovery protocols, and safeguarding against revenue impacts. 
  • Improving performance means planning for scalability, enhancing data management, and optimizing systems. 
  • Increasing efficiencies focuses on deploying automation strategies, bolstering data management practices, and assessing readiness for cloud migration. 

Choosing a path with strategies tailored to your priorities can help you get more value from Splunk, and grow in clarity and confidence as you learn how to manage your implementation in a tried-and-true manner.


We’re keen to hear more about what you think of Splunk Outcome Paths and whether there are any topics you’d like to see included in future. You can add a comment below to send your ideas to our team.


Use Case Explorer Updates


Splunk Lantern’s Use Case Explorer for Security and the Use Case Explorer for Observability have become popular tools with Splunk customers looking for a framework for their Security or Observability journey.

But technology changes fast, and today’s organizations are under more pressure than ever from cyber threats, outages, and other challenges that leave little room for error. That’s why on team Lantern we’ve been working hard to realign our Use Case Explorers with Splunk’s latest thinking around how to achieve digital resilience.

Our Use Case Explorers follow a prescriptive path for organizations to improve digital resilience across security and observability. Each of the Explorers start with use cases to help you achieve foundational visibility so you can access the information your teams need. With better visibility you can then integrate guided insights that help you respond to what's most important. From there, teams can be more proactive and automate processes, and ultimately focus on unifying workflows that provide sophisticated and fast resolutions for teams and customers.



If you haven’t yet checked out our Use Case Explorer for Security or the Use Case Explorer for Observability, take a look today, and drop us a comment below if there’s anything you’d like to see in a future update!


This Month’s New Articles


Here’s the rest of everything that’s new on Lantern, published over the month of March:

We hope you’ve found this update helpful. Thanks for reading!

Kaye Chapman, Senior Lantern Content Specialist for Splunk Lantern

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