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I have been tasked with creating a Dashboard that will be visible by another team to show the Splunk Linux infra resource status and all the data that entails, but they won't be an admin so I will need to create a dashboard for our search heads and indexes, etc. Would this app work well for that or has anyone else found a better method?

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Unfortunately the Splunk App for Unix and Linux does not provide any Monitoring Console level details into your Splunk infrastructure. It's more designed for general Linux information (CPU/Disk/Memory monitoring).

Does this other team need full access to the reports, or just some of the information? Most of the graphs can be grabbed by doing an "open in search" at the bottom right of the graph.

However, most of the data is in _internal which is by default only visible to admin. You could open that up to others, but then the question is, what are you trying to protect? The data, or the administration of the system?

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The Splunk App for Unix and Linux does not require admin access unless you've secured the os index so that only admins can read it.

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