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Why is a view being displayed first in Slideshow even though it is second on list?



I have created a show in Slideshow to run a number of dashboards in an order of my choice. However it appears to skip my first dashboard and go straight to the second one. It will then display the one first in list last?

These are the two dashboards:

1. app/wemeia/caixa_live_dashboard__average_time_on_site_f0000
2. app/wemeia/caixa_live_dashboard__average_time_on_site_f3800

So 1 in list above should display first but does not!
Any advice?

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This is based off of this Q&A:

Yes, you can do this in Simple XML.

Add this to the search of the panel that is to load second

| $NOOP_1$

And this to the search of the panel that is to load third, and so on:

| $NOOP_2$

Then you go to the panel that is to load first and make it look like this:

  <title>Your First Panel</title>
      <query>Your First Panel Search Here</query>
      <earliest>Your Earliest Here</earliest>
      <latest>Your Latest Here</latest>
         <unset token="NOOP_1"></unset>
         <set token="NOOP_1">noop</set>

Do your other panels the same way, each using a higher NOOP_# value that represents the show/search/load order.
You can even make the panels invisible until each starts loading by adding a depends.

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I'd just put a dummy "we're done" dashboard first, before the current first one, and see if it ran as expected.

EIther that or repeat the first one, so it wrapped around at the end.

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Adding a dummy worked a charm!

Thank you very much.


@jackreeves - converted comment to answer. Please accept answer so that the question will show as solved.

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