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I have a few web monitor inputs configured on a Heavy Forwarder to ping a url every minute. I then set up alerts on this to alert me if I get less than 25 pings with response_code=200 within 30 minutes. I have been getting a ton of false alerts with these. Most of the time when I check the alert, I still see a high number of successful pings for the past 30 minutes that would cause the alert NOT to fire. Every now and then there are actually a low enough number of successful pings to fire the alert, but when I check my url everything is fine. Is there any reason that there would be a delay in the HF sending these pings every minute?

Thanks in advance

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@wwhite12 , which version of website monitoring and are you able to share your inputs.conf stanza and alert search (properly masked)?

Also, what are the specs on your Heavy Forwarder and what else is running on it?

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