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Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure - Cannot Edit Dashboards

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I'm trying to test out the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure in our test environment. Currently, none of the dashboards are showing any data. I believe this has to do with the fact that the app is looking at sourcetypes we do not have. Thus, I need to edit them to collect data from our normal sourcetypes and indexes. When I clone them and click edit on the clones, however, nothing happens. I'm not the one who installed this app into the environment, but I do have administrative rights. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong or have suggestions on how I can get to the xml of these dashboards?

I should also mention that I do not see any error messages, nor can I see anything on the standard dashboards in the upper bar.

Thank you.

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Hello there,
take a look at this answer:
will recommend to modify your sourcetypes to match the app. It relays on data from windows hosts and uses the TA for windows
will be best to follow the docs to the letter on the install and configuration process. start here:
read all the way through
hope it helps

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