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Splunk Add-on for Bamboo: How to avoid the password being saved as plain text?



I've noticed that it's required to set the password to connect to Bamboo server in the inputs.conf file.

This is unacceptable in a secure enterprise environment.

Can you make this more secure, so that the password is not saved in inputs.conf as a plain text password?


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Splunk Employee

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With the way the app is currently designed, you cannot avoid saving the password in plain text. Core splunk provides a built-in credentials management endpoint that could be leveraged, but it is clearly not. See .

The code that needs to be changed to support using the passwords endpoint in lieu of clear text passwords is all Python code, so it's something that could be changed with some effort. BUT the EULA for the Bamboo app does not allow for derivative works, as it it licensed under the Splunk EULA. If you want this changed in a way that is compatible with the license, you will have to file an enhancement request.