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Splunk DB Connect: When trying to connect to MySQL, why am I receiving "jdbcUrlFormat is a mandatory parameter for the database connection" error message?


I'm trying to connect Splunk to MySQL. I've already downloaded "mysql-connector-java-5.1.40-bin" and put it in the directory. But the following error appeared, what can it be?

Error: jdbcUrlFormat is a mandatory parameter for the database connection.

In db_connection_types.conf it looks like this:

displayName = MySQL
serviceClass = com.splunk.dbx2.MySQLJDBC
jdbcUrlFormat = jdbc:mysql://<host>:<port>/<database>
jdbcUrlSSLFormat = jdbc:mysql://<host>:<port>/<database>?useSSL=true&requireSSL=true&verifyServerCertificate=false
jdbcDriverClass = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
port = 3306
testQuery = SELECT 1
ui_default_catalog = $database$
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

@lucasbarbosa - Were you able to test out jcoates solution? Did it work? If yes, please don't forget to resolve this post by clicking on "Accept". If you still need more help, please provide a comment with some feedback. Thanks!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

because that's supported by default, I would expect it to work out of the box. Try rolling back any customizations?

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