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Google Apps for Splunk: Does this app support G Suite?


Does the Google Apps for Splunk support G Suite? Is this Splunk app still supported?

The instructions say "Enable these APIS: Admin SDK, Apps Activity"

In G Suite there is no API called "Apps Activity". Is there another API that much be enabled?



Hi @AllanMarcus! yes! It supports G Suite. The APIs are Enabled at, not within your G Suite admin site. You might also need Audit API, also the CAlendar and Drive APIs. I forget exactly which. I'm working on documenting the process better, it's not straightforward.

This App is supported by me! If you have more questions, find me on slack or IRC!

splunk on EfNet

Or just email me, email is in the documentation somewhere.


Thanks. I still trying to figure out how to enable the API to work. Step by step instructions for the whole process would be greatly appreciated.

Heck, I also trying to figure out how to get a password to join the team.


HI! Here's a link to sign up I'll review the documentation and update where necessary. If you need live help, let me know, I sometimes have the time. Thanks!

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