Monitoring & Alerting for a noise in an audio file?


Monitoring & Alerting for noise in an audio file?

I am currently having a spy audio recorder for my daughter kindergarten, since there’s been an increase of violence on the news lately.

The recorder generates an .WAV file, that can last for more than 24h a day.

My question is, does Splunk has the ability to upload such a file, and identify “events” based on a condition that could then be alerts?

When you view an audio file, there’s that “line” that moves up and down depends on the sound volume, right?

I know that hearing a specific word might not be possible, but maybe when the staff screams and that volume line is at very top height, so generate an alert? Or when there is a continuous “high” line because of high volume that could hint on a crying.

This is very important for me, would appreciate ideas.

Thank you!

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Splunk only processes text and audio files are not text.

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More than 24h a day? But seriously.

To analyze sound you need something that can analyze sound 🙂 Splunk indexes and analyzes events. You must have something to generate it.

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