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AppInspect command issue - Submit App for Validation

Hey All - I ran into another issue using the AppInspect API. I'm attempting to follow the "Submit an app for validation" step listed here - https://dev.splunk.com/enterprise/docs/developapps/testvalidate/appinspect/splunkappinspectapi/runap....

However, I end up getting the below error. For the sake of simplicity and security, I shortened the token ID (which I received after following the first step to authenticate to the REST API endpoint using my Splunk credentials) to a few characters.Any idea where I could have gone wrong?

curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: bearer
u8dhr7g4a" \ -H "Cache Control: no-cache" \ -F "app_package=@\"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/learned\\""\ --url "https://appinspect.splunk.com/v1/app/validate"
Here is the error that I encountered:

curl: (3) Host name ' -H' contains bad letter

curl: (3) Illegal characters found in URL
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: bearer
bash: u8dhr7g4a \ -H Cache: command not found
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The command I used successfully is similar, but lacks the backslash characters and has a full path to the app.

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: bearer 3wiO-MAo8fSb09s" -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" -F "app_package=@\"/opt/splunk/etc/system/static/app-packages/SA_mvstats.spl\"" --url "https://appinspect.splunk.com/v1/app/validate"

Try entering the command on a single line (I use notepad++ to build the line then paste it into the CLI). 

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