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tstats command help required for CIDR


Hello Everyone,

I am writing a query using tstats command need to use the CIDR values . Below is the example.

| tstats summariesonly count from datamodel=Web where (nodename = Web.Proxy) by Web.src in this query i need to place a filter with private IP range (src should be private IP).

src="" OR src= OR src=

Thanks in advance

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Actually, natural CIDR filters work in tstats.

Like this:

| tstats count FROM datamodel=Network_Traffic WHERE index=* AND All_Traffic.src=""

And this:

| tstats count WHERE index=* AND host=""

This has been in Splunk for a long time, but maybe not always. It works in all versions of 7.*

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Try ...

| tstats summariesonly count from datamodel=Web where (nodename = Web.Proxy) by Web.src 
| where cidrmatch("",Web.src) OR cidrmatch("",Web.src) OR cidrmatch("",,Web.src)


@sumitkathpal - did this answer give you what you needed? If so, then please accept the answer. If not, please let us know what worked, or what the current issue is. Thanks.

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