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transforms.conf: matching two files in regex

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I am trying to match using regex where the filenames Svc.chk and edb.chk are in Object_Name.

The following does not work...

REGEX=(?m)^Object Name:.*(edb.chk|Svc.chk)

when trying to find:

Object Name: C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Sum\Svc.chk

Any obvious errors here?

Many thanks


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try this : REGEX=(?m)^Object\sName:.*(edb.chk|Svc.chk)

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The dots before the filename extensions need to be escaped. Try this:

(?m)^Object Name:.*(edb\.chk|Svc\.chk)
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Hello, many thanks for that - but it's still not matching I am afraid.

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