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count Events per minute but only for same users


Hi Splunkers, 

some examples from our logs.. 

[Time:11:03:01] [Function:upload] [User:aaa]
[Time:11:03:10] [Function:upload] [User:aaa]
[Time:11:03:15] [Function:upload] [User:ccc]
[Time:11:05:30] [Function:upload] [User:aaa]


my search
| bin _time span=1m 
| dedup _time


I want to count the events per 1min. or let's say deduplicate if other events are in 1 minute but only for same users. 
and expect the result like this that user "CCC"  don't filtered. 

[Time:11:03:01] [Function:upload] [User:aaa]
[Time:11:03:30] [Function:upload] [User:ccc]
[Time:11:05:10] [Function:upload] [User:aaa]


But my search filtered also other user's events and the result is like that. 

[Time:11:03:01] [Function:upload] [User:aaa]
[Time:11:05:30] [Function:upload] [User:aaa]

This is only example logs that means users are not only two but over hunderes. 

Can somebody help me how should i search? 



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The use of bin and dedup together means only one event in each minute will be returned.  That's not going to give the desired results.  Try stats, instead.

your search
| stats count by _time

That will give the number of events for each minute.   To get the number of distinct users for each minute, try

your search
| stats dc(user) as users by _time


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