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Why is search query within link is showing "Unexpected close tag" error?


We are trying to run a rex command inside of a custom drill down link. Here is the relevant XML Code we are using:

      <link target="_blank">search?q=index=exampleIndex* | spath deployment | search deployment="cf-deployment" event_type="LogMessage" source_type= "RTR" msg=*login* | rex field=msg "response_time:(?<resptime>.+?(\D)*[.][0-9]*)" &amp;earliest=$field1.earliest$&amp;latest=$field1.latest$</link>

We are receiving the error specified in the title as well as an error that says "Error parsing XML on line 39: Premature end of data in tag form line 1". We tried adding html escape characters with the query as specified in other user questions, but those haven't worked either. Does anybody have an idea?

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@DalJeanis I'm having the same issue.  I've tried changing my html code to use &lt;code_word&gt;

I get the following error



When I leave it as the following

| rex field = session "(?<session_text>.*_)[\D]*"


I would get the "Unexpected close tag" error message

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Drilldowns are tricky. I always start with the Splunk Dashboard Examples app, find one similar, clone it and go from there:


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<resptime> is being read as an HTML tag, and </link> arrives before </resptime> (which doesn't exist), so </link> is unexpected.

Change <resptime> to &lt;resptime&gt;.

If that doesn't fix it completely, then you also may need to change all the spaces to their HTML equivalent (%20 or whatever).

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