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How can we create an API call that returns a link to a report?


We need to call a search via the API and return a link to a report, produced by this call. Is it doable? So, I have something like the following that returns the result set as json, and the requirement is to return it as a link to a report -


curl -k -u 'moogsoft_smart_triage_user:xxxxxx' https://<host>:8089/servicesNS/moogsoft_smart_triage_user/search/search/jobs/export -d search="| savedsearch smart_triage_api_test INC=INCxxxx DeviceType=TestDeviceType" -d output_mode=json -d preview=false


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This one is pretty straightforward - keep in mind that the GET request will return in it's response a Search ID (sid).

You can then, in a few minutes, return the results of that SID by just visiting the link, such as:

  • https://<host>:8000/en-US/app/search/search?sid=1686664178.1739

If you would rather have the API pull the results back, send another GET to /<app>/jobs/<sid>/results like this - you can specify options such as output_mode and others:

curl -u admin:changeme \
     -k https://localhost:8089/servicesNS/admin/search/search/jobs/1423855196.339/results/ \
     --get -d output_mode=json -d count=5

 official docs here:


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