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Why am I getting the following 'call not properly authenticated' error when using Splunk SDK for JavaScript?

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Whenever I try to do a search query using Splunk SDK for JavaScript (using node), I get the following error message:

{ messages: [ { type: 'WARN', text: 'call not properly authenticated' } ] }

I checked multiple forums but none have helped.

I am able to login (always), but as soon as I call search() function, I get this error.

Here is my function call:

    splunkService.login (err, success) ->
        if err
            console.log err.data
            console.log ("Login is successful")  #this always successful

            query = 'search index=a sourcetype=b application=*abc* | top 1 error'
            params = {
                earliest_time: '-15m'
                latest_time: 'now'
                exec_mode: 'normal'

            searchSplunk(query, params)

    searchSplunk = (query, params) ->
        splunkService.search query, params, (err, job) ->
            if err
                console.log 'Error Encountered:'
                console.log err.data
                console.log 'Job ID: ' + job.sid
                #console.log job

                job.track {period: 200},
                    done: (job) ->
                        console.log 'Done, here!'

                        job.results {}, (err, results, job) ->
                            if err
                                console.log err

                                results.fields.forEach (field) ->
                                    console.log field

                                results.rows.forEach (row) ->
                                    console.log row

                    failed: (job) ->
                        console.log 'Job failed'

                    error: (err) ->
                        console.log err.data

Please note, oneshotSearch() always works, search() works but just 2 times out of 10.

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