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Can you help me with Dedup events in a data model?


Hi everyone

How do I leave just unique events by specified field in an accelerated data model?

My base search looks like:

index=main source=transactions tx_type=purchase | `registration_time` | `type_user` 

And I'm trying to add child dataset with just one constraint: dedup transaction_id

But it didn't work.

Duplicated transaction_id cannot be deleted from original source 'cause it's a feature of some transactions... But, in data model, we just need one occurrence of it, e.g. to sum revenue.

With this query we get a greater result than we actually have because of counting several times transactions with the same transaction_id. How can we get correct result?

Thanks in advance!

| tstats sum(transactions.price) AS Revenue from datamodel=transact.transactions where (nodename = transactions) groupby _time span=1month
| rename transactions.* as *
| timechart span=1month first(Revenue) as revenue
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