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Timestamp comparison from an inputlookup


Hi All,
I do have cumbersome problem...I have a table built out from an inputlookup search. We have n-columns in this table but a key ones are the key_field and a timestamp_A.
We would like to run a subsearch within the inputlookup where, for each value in key_field, we check the most recent value of a timestamp_B in another index. If this value is more recent than the one in timestamp_A we update the timestamp value with the B value, otherwise we leave the timestamp_A.
Assuming that both timestamps are in the same format we have the following restrictions: the value in timestamp_A might be empty, in this case if exist a timestamp_B value OK otherwise we leave empty.

Very much appreciated any help that could be provided.

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Try this:

| inputlookup lookup_name | fields key_field, timestamp_A | append [search index=index_name | stats max(timestamp_B) as timestamp_A by key_field] | stats max(timestamp_A) as timestamp_A by key_field
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