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This is probably a really simple question but I have events coming in every minute.

I've used  | rex field=_raw .... to extract a field from those events.

How do I plot these field values over time?


This is what my statistics look like. 

I've tried 

| timechart span=1m values(Last_Heartbeats)

but nothing shows up on my line graph. I've also tried it without a span, I've tried | stats with a | bucket command, I've tried dc(Last_Heartbeats) but I can't figure it out.

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See that your numbers in that column are left justified - that's always a good indicator that Splunk does not think they are numbers, so @isoutamo 's reply is likely to fix your problem


Are you sure that those Last_Heartbeats are numbers? If not then use

eval Last_Heartbeats = tonumber (trim(Last_Heartbeats))

r. Ismo

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