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Timechart not populating the result

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I have a checkbox named host in which user enters the hostname manually, and then as per the name entered it should display the timechart.But it still shows waiting for input even after I enter. Can anyone please help in my case. I have pasted below the XML

      (entity="*:boot*" event="FAIL-ALERT" state!="Clear")

  |rex field=entity "_(?!.*_)(?&lt;host&gt;.*)" |eval myhost=$host$ |timechart useother=f count by myhost limit=200</query>
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If you're collecting hostname from the user via a text field that becomes a token like $host$ then why are you also extracting host from the entity field?

If you want to use the token from then dashboard, then try putting $host$ in double quotes. As in: |eval myhost="$host$"

It might help to pull the query from the dashboard and run it directly in search. Be sure to substitute literals, like the hostname.

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Just guessing, but perhaps it's because you have a token called 'host' as well as a field (created by rex) called 'host'.

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