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Subsearch all events in another index


I have two indexes

Index accounts: [user. payroll]

Index employees: [user, emp_details, emp_information]


I am trying to use a search to search all the 1 million users in index users to search for the corresponding details of the same user in different index which contains 20 million records.

I tried something like

index=accounts user=*

| join type=left user [search index=employees | fields user,  emp_details,  emp_information]
| table user, emp_details, emp_information


But its not search all the users and joining all the users. 


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You can't reliably use subsearches as the volumes are too big and you can only join on 50,000 rows.

As @aromanauskas suggests, use a index 1 OR index2 approach and combine the two data sets using stats ... by common field.


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So the dataset here is important so not sure which of these you're really looking for. 

If you just want to search all the data and combine it by user.

(index=accounts user=*) OR (index=employees  user=*  emp_details=*  emp_information=*)
| stats latest(emp_details) AS emp_details latest(emp_information) AS emp_information values(index) AS indexes by user 

But that assumes you want to combine things regardless of if user exists in 1 or 2 indexes.  

If you just want to do a search for users in one index ONLY if they exist in the other index.. 

index=employees emp_information=* emp_details [ | search index=accounts user=* | stats count by user | fields user | format ] | table user, emp_details, emp_information 

The problem here though is you don't get a notification if the user existed in accounts but NOT in employees. 

If you're looking for something else please describe it. 

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