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Sniffing Ports Up/Down -- IFconfig?

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Looking for a way to monitor sniffing ports on a sensor.  Each port is tied to a different part of the system and would like a dashboard notification UP/DOWN if traffic has not been rcvd say in 1-5 minutes.  

i thought about doing IFCONFIG, but I think I made it to complicated by using grep to narrow down just the RX/TX information.   

ifconfig | egrep -e ^eth | grep -v "inet\|UP"  which does a pretty good job for CLI output.   

I tried installing the App *Nix but cant really get it to work.  

I am using a Splunk server, and the "sensors" are a dffierant server which has the UFW.  




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Consider putting your CLI command into a shell script and invoking the shell script as a Splunk scripted input every 5 minutes.

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