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Hi All,

I've recently created a single value dashboard panel with % trend, and sparkline underneath showing the current Splunk transmission speed, using the following search:

earliest=-24h@h latest=@h index=_internal sourcetype=*splunkd* source=*metrics*  group=per_index_thruput series=*app* OR series=_* |  eval gb=(kb/1024/1024)   | timechart span=1h sum(gb) AS totalGB

However, notice that the sparkline is constantly near zero, as the single value fluctuates around 0.65.

Is there a way to increase the scale/resolution of the sparkline so it will show fluctuations, rather than just showing 0 all the time.

alt text




Hi craigwilkinson ,
did you tried to change scale (e.g. MB/h instead GB/h)?

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How about showing the data in MB/h and then seeking that fluctuation if requirement permits.

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