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Reordering Columns


How do I reorder the columns with this report? I want it to be:
date - product - imps - clicks - category

If I reorder the stats command, it fails and says :
Error in 'stats' command: The argument 'date' is invalid.

Here's the original query:

sourcetype=imp-log host=*.prod.fb.local site_id=xxxx earliest=-1d@d latest=-0d@d
| lookup siteproduct siteproductid as siteproduct_id siteid as site_id OUTPUTNEW productid as product productcategory as category
| eval date = imp_date
| stats count(eval(imp_action="imp")) as "imps", count(eval(imp_action="click")) as "clicks" by product, category, date

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In using the table command, the order of the fields given will be the order of the columns in the table.

For example, if I want my Error_Name to be before my Error_Count:

| table Error_Name, Error_Count

This would explicitly order the columns in the order I have listed here.

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This should also apply if you are running the query using the Java SDK, right? Because for me, even after specifying the order in the table command, the order in which results are returned is different.

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Thanks! I looked at that, and didn't find what I needed. But took a second look, and it had what I needed. Thanks!

I added this to the end:
| table date, product, imps, clicks, category

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