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Hey Guys,

I need help to write a regex with the name upload to pull the number 3712 from the below log where 'B Sent' is ending string for all the logs.

Upload log: Successfully sent file '\servername\Projects\Cdfad\Prod\51327426.xml' (3712 B sent)

Similarly regex with the name Download to pull the number 152 from the below log (152 B received) where B received is ending

Download log: Successfully stored file at '\servername\Projects\FOI\QA\MassUpdates\F000' (152 B received)

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Something like this should work:



\( matches the '(' character
(?<my_field>.*) is the capture group
\s matches a space
B matches 'B'
\s matches a space
\) matches the ')' character 
$ anchors the regex to the end of the line

Similarly, this should work for your other example:

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