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Maxmind GeoIP2 updates in a Clustered Environment

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I have a multisite indexer cluster with one SH
I configured automated GeoIP2-City Maxmind DB (paid subscription) downloads that refresh this DB on the SH every week
I am also using Data Models across multiple applications that that include calculated Country, City etc. fields and make use of this GeoIP database

For a clustered environment such as this and using Data Models - should I push the DB updates to the Indexers as well to avoid any inconsistency in the search results?
Does Splunk needs to be restarted or debug/refresh to pick up the DB change
Any other guidance on this setup in a clustered environment

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You should do it on both (SH and indexers) otherwise you are going to have discrepancies. Iplocation is a streaming command and depending on your search it can either be applied at the indexers level or at the SH level.

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