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Lookup Issues - windows_name_lookup does not exist

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Some background,

We have Splunk 4.1.4 on Redhat Linux. We also have the PCI Compliance Suite Installed

Everytime I login I get the red error bar complaining about a lookup issue. I did see another similar 'Answer' but it wasn't quite the same issue. I am fairly new to splunk so here is what I have found so far.

From the logs;

ERROR LookupOperator - The lookup table 'windows_name_lookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration 'source::(MonitorWare|Snare|WinEventLog)...'.

The word windows_name_lookup is found in these files;

[root@splunk opt]# grep -R windows_name_lookup *|more
splunk/etc/apps/SKB-windows/default/props.conf:LOOKUP-name_for_windows = windows_name_lookup signature_id OUTPUT name
splunk/etc/apps/SKB-windows/default/props.conf:LOOKUP-name_for_windows2 = windows_name_lookup2 signature_id,Sub_Status OUTPUTNEW name

I can see the lookup table is referenced with the following;



Those files do exist on my system;

[root@splunk opt]# find . -name 'windows_names.csv'
[root@splunk opt]# find . -name 'windows_names_substatus.csv'

Any help would be appreciated..


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You probably need to make sure the lookup (or all lookups) are exported from the SKB-windows app to global. This is a bug in the app that it isn't. You can do this either in the Manager GUI, or you can add to SKB-windows/metadata/local.meta this:

export = system

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I tried this with no luck. The GUI also shows the loonkup as "Sharing - Global"

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